Students’ Independence Day Torchlight Procession 2020


Students’ Independence Day Torchlight Procession not organised this year.

The student unions of the Capital Region have together decided not to organise the traditional Students’ Independence Day Torchlight Procession as a physical event this year. The organising parties came to the conclusion that organising a public event for several thousand students would not be responsible in the current coronavirus situation.

Instead of a procession, students will mark Independence Day with video greetings published from 6.00 pm onwards on Independence Day, 6 December. In addition to students’ greetings, we will also get to hear greetings from the Mayor of Helsinki and the President of the Republic to the students of the Capital Region.

Despite the difficult coronavirus situation, student unions want to work together to keep this fine tradition alive. The first Students’ Torchlight Procession was organised in 1951. Back then, the event began with laying wreaths at the soldiers’ graves, followed by 2,000 students marching to the Senate Square to listen to speeches and choirs.

Tune in at 6 pm on the evening of Independence Day, 6 December!